HDS Gen3 for anglers who want it all

The world’s best selling multifunction display*, the HDS Series offers the ultimate combination of fishfinding technologies, such as CHIRP.  This performance fish finder is also a powerful chartplotter that integrates with radar, outboard pilot, sonar modules, a wide range of transducers, VHF radio, AIS and more.

HDS Gen3 gives birth to an exclusive new interface that allows you to fully control functions through either multi-touch or full key pad operation depending on user preference and on-the-water conditions.

The hub of your fishing activity, the HDS series helps you to navigate, find fish and maximise your time on the water.

*Units of HDS sold by volume

CHIRP for all

It’s a word that’s whispered in every fishing forum and club we’ve ever been to, but why is CHIRP so useful?

Most fishfinders operate at a single frequency, which means that as soon as you increase transducer sensitivity, you also increase clutter on the screen, so it can be more difficult to separate fish from background noise. If you then reduce sensitivity, you can miss fish targets in the water column altogether.

CHIRP uses multiple frequencies at the same time, increasing the clarity of sonar returns on your display. This means you can identify individual game fish around bait schools, whereas with a standard single frequency transducer, you would have seen these fish as one mass.

Lowrance takes CHIRP technology to a whole new level, offering anglers the chance to use more than one CHIRP sonar signal at a time and choose to view high, medium or low Frequency in isolation